Full name ➤

Sinni Toivonen

Species ➤


Race ➤


Gender ➤


Sexuality ➤


Age ➤


Height ➤


Body type ➤


Occupation ➤

EDM Producer/DJ at Bub’s Club.

Hobbies ➤

Modelling, Swearing, Partying Hard, Annoying People

Likes ➤

EDM (Glitch Hop specifically), Huge basslines, Performing/DJ'ing, Dancing, Drinking, Parkour, Sitting on rooftops into the small hours, Photo shoots, Exploring her promiscuous nature.

Dislikes ➤

Being told what she should or shouldn't do, Sushi (it makes her skin crawl), People in a nightclub who refuse to dance, Smoking, Feeling cold, Boring people.

Personality ➤

Sinni is a rather brash young lady. She isn't afraid to speak her mind and to voice her opinions if you'd like to hear them or not. Fun loving and always up for a good laugh she will constantly tease and poke fun at her friends, evening going as far as to go out of her way to doing some she knows would drive them crazy. Often putting up a front of a Lone Wolf who needs no one, in truth Sinni is entirely dependant on those close to her and in return is fiercely loyal to those she calls friends because without them she'd probably spiral down onto a path of self destruction.

She is known for having a short and explosive temper that when triggered can lead to her being highly agressive, thankfully there is normally someonewhere there to stop her jamming a broken bottle into someones face. She can also appear very self centered and will often dismiss what others are saying if it isn't about her or interests her. No matter how wrong she might be about something she will not admit it and will stubbon argue until the other party is exhausted and gives up.

Sinni has what some would call a lack of modesty in more ways than one. Not only she she quick to praise herself but she is also pretty well known for removing most of her clothing on a regular basis. She has no problems with it and is actually very proud of her body and what a little flesh can do when it comes to making her the most popular DJ at the club.

Background ➤

Sinni grew up in the slums of Lumenen and coming from a broken home had only her abusive father to take care of her. Often drunk he would come home violent and angry and wouldn't have any problem taking it out on his younger daughter. As his abuse worsened, Sinni made the decision to run away. Scared, alone and lost, Sinni lived rough on the stream, drinking rain water and stealing whatever she could to eat but a savior was in her midst, a street gang known as the Street Rats.

The Street Rats proved to be something of a reawakening for Sinni. For the first time in her life she knew what it was like to have a family that loved her and looked out for her. She formed a close relationship with the gangs charismatic leader, Mikolai and they relished in each others love for cause anarcy and running a fineline with the authorites. This wasn't to last forever though as the gangs minory infractions witht he lore badgan to escalate and Mikolai changed. He struck a deal with notrious Neomaian ganger leader, Prohpet, to work for him. Sinni stood up against him and tried to convince the gang that Mikolai was wrong. Her former lover took it upon himself to make an example of her

Bloodied, beaten and abbandoned Sinni was once more alone. She returned to scavenging what she could to survive but she had nowhere to go and no one to turn to. She wandered far from home, avoiding the prospect of ever returning to her father and trying to leave the betrayl of Mikolai behind her. She was found outside a little run down music store, begging for money so the owner came outside and gave her a little something to eat. Over the month Sinni would wander to other places but would always return to the music store and the kind owner would bring her something to eat. When it started to rain, she would offer her shelter and she even offered to pay her for some odd jobs instead of her having to beg. When the owner asked her if she only came back because of the gift Sinni said "No. I just like the music you play".

An unlikely friendship spawned and the owner was happy to talk about music all day long to the young Lyxine, showing her all kinds of music and even starting to teach her and making her own. I suppose you could say the rest is history for when Sinni puts herself into the music something magical happens. Sinni had found her calling and everything she did from this day forward was spurred on by a love for music she wish she'd discovered many years before. She became popular in the local scene and was found by Bub, a strange creature with big dreams. They formed a partnership and Sinni went on to become the main attraction at Bub's club. That is whre she works now, bring the masses her exciting mix of glitched out funk.


Character owner: Nuff