Full name ➤

Mira Astrum

Species ➤


Race ➤


Gender ➤


Sexuality ➤


Age ➤


Height ➤

172cm / 5'6''

Body type ➤


Occupation ➤

DJ at Bub's club

Hobbies ➤

Free running, knife fighting, glowsticking, electronics and programming.

Likes ➤

Spending time alone, walking out at night, working out, having deep conversations with close friends, daydream, build stuff (small electronics).

Dislikes ➤

People talking bad about things she likes, people who pretend to be overly nice, changes of plans, people interrupting her, being in middle of masses of people, people forcing her to do things.

Personality ➤

INTJ, calm, doesn't trust other people with her things, ignorant of her surroundings most of the time, sticks to her own things, is hard to make friends with, is protective of close friends, picky on things, hard to make laugh or cry, prefers to hide her soft side.

Background ➤

Mira and her sister Maia were born to a rather normal family in a smaller city, they moved away together for studies over to Lumenen, Mira studied electronics and programming, but only continued her studies for 4 years. In a financial crisis Mira started to work in dirtier jobs that led her studies to strain. After some adventures in finding something better she was hired as a DJ at Bub's club and quit her studies completely.

DJ:ing is her way of expressing herself, she doesn't let anyone touch her shows and wants to build every bit of the show herself, cause she believes the enviorment is a big part of the experience and not only the music. Mira seeks for perfection, she builds her own stage set ups, decorates the club, even occasioanlly buys suitable new equipment or modifies old ones for the club if the theme of the night requires it. Although she's rarely helpful for others, since she either does things her way or doesn't do anything at all.


Character owner: Neo