Full name ➤

Yire Ankora

Species ➤


Race ➤


Gender ➤


Sexuality ➤


Age ➤


Height ➤


Body type ➤


Occupation ➤

Professional Fire Dancer

Hobbies ➤

Martial Arts (Multiple), Painting

Likes ➤

Fire (She finds it fascinating), Dancing/Performing, Swords and other assorted blades, Meditation, Soul Searching, Nature.

Dislikes ➤

The Dark (is actually afraid of), Violence, People obsessed by money and/or material wealth, being talked down to, Pollution spewing vehicles.

Personality ➤

Yire is an outgoing and friendly soul who enjoys making new friends and sharing her beliefs and thoughts. She is calm and confident and is rarely caught off guard by anyone. As capable as anyone at getting angry she prefers to solve problems with reasoning and quiet conversation rather than the push and pull arguments Sinni often creates. Her consistently content and happy demeanour, coupled with her optimistic and positive outlook at life and the future create the illusion of naivety, where in truth she is far from such. Fiercely loyal to her friends and to the life force of the planet she will protect both fiercely if she needs to.

Background ➤

As a small child, Yire was caught in a tragic house fire, rumoured to have been caused by a never brought to justice arsonist. She was trapped as her home was engulfed with flames and burning down around her but just as she thought her time was up she found that the flames dare not come close enough to burn her and would wither away as she approached. Using this strange phenomena she was able to escape the building unscathed. Ever since she has been fascinated with fire, it’s purifying properties, rebirth and the notion that anyone is capable of rising from the ashes to become a better person.

She grew up in one of the cites poorer areas and where many her age found themselves caught up in all kinds of bad feeling and youthful delinquency the young feline choose another path. Where many of her peers chose violence she chose friendship and compassion. Where they chose to acquired symbols of power through thievery and dishonesty she chose to forego material gain and spend her time searching inside herself through the martial arts, meditation and dance. Combining her talents with her obsession with fire, Yire has become a fearsome fire dancer. Mixing fire breathing, with martial arts, burning weapons and freeform dance she has become an explosive and popular act who often accompanies the likes of Sinni, Mira and Aura to open air festivals as part of their act. She is also on staff as a dancer in the club.


Character owner: Nuff