The World & Species

The two planets

In the universe there are currently two known planets with life, Luceiry and Lunaria. Lunaria appears to host more primitive life where as Luceiry's people and their technology is very developed in contrast.

Luceiry and Lunaria circle around the same sun very close to eachother. Before life was born on each planet, their moons crashed into eachother. This caused Lunaria to have a sort of asteroid field around it, which looks very pretty, but restricts the potential space travel a lot.

For a few days of a Luceiry's year, the two planets come so close that it's possible to inspect eachother with high quality telescopes. This is the time when new year is celebrated at Luceiry, and a peace celebration is done over Lunaria. The celebration originates from an idea to say hello to each other, or show a sign that there is life on this planet. Luceirians and Lunarians have communicated with eachother using different super bright fireworks for many centuries before space travel became under development.

In the history Luceiry used to be a planet full of a huge variety of species of all kinds, but now the most intelligent species have taken control, killed most animals, replaced massive forests with megacities. Animals on Luceiry are different sorts of scaled beings with three pairs of limbs, some with wings that we could call dragons and some with fins to move underwater, which we could classify as something similar to our sharks or whales. Smaller animals tend to also be scaled with three legs, although it's not rare to have a species who hasn't developed the last pair as well. Sadly, most of the biggest beings have already died, especially the big dragons.

Lunaria's life is often described similar to Luceiry's, although it's lifeforms originate from plants. Why this is, is often debated by Luceirians, a facionating study.

Luceiry from past to today

In the past Luceiry used to be a very lively planet with lots of variety in enviorments and species. Sky, ground and oceans were filled with giant to tiny creatures, battling two which would stay alive. From there raised only one family of species to the top, who learned to hunt most efficiently using their intelligence over brutal power. Eventually the family of these species was only a small group remaining but induvidual numbers rising. Because the different species used to fight against eachother.

Lyxine, Lapidin, Lupaine, Felipard, Blacktail fox, Starcat and Frostborn are those that remained. Lyxine and Lapidin were the first two to begun working together to build a bigger community to survive better at. Lapidin have never been hostile towards others, but very efficient protecting themselves instead. Lapidin's technology convinced Lyxine that they should be partners, where as Lyxine could futher more develop the tech using their great skills to improve and coordinate projects.

As the next step, Lyxine observed Lupaine to be useful to further more increase their numbers. Some of the recruit progress was rather harsh, the portion unwilling to join would be eliminated, resulting the Lupaine species to highly dislike standing up for personal opinions and rather prefer to be loyal and work for someone else.

While the Lupaine recruition was still in progress, Felipard sort of just joined in themselves, mostly to leech off the very functional society the others had build. Blacktail fox came in with similar intentions as Felipards, but only because they realized that their community would be no match for the combination of four other species growing much faster than theirs. At this point the obvious happend: The five species begun to merge into one as we now call Luceirians.

Unlike the others, Starcats and Frostborn remained on their own areas for a very long while, and as of today there are still small areas that consists mostly of their species. They are the only two races with 'pure' members of the species still remaining. They joined in slowly as the territories started to grow close. Some Frostborn are still highly against the merge and may show their opinions aggressively, others simply attempt to live away from the busiest areas. Starcats in the otherhand, don't mind the merge, but they feel naturally uncomfortable at cities.

As the species came together, a new race was also born within, although it's not exactly known how and why it happend. Is it a genetic disease? A godly sign? Maybe just natural evolution? Neomai are highly intelligent and adaptive personalities, hypersensed and talented induviduals, perfectly suited for life in a megacity. Except they are also hyperallergic and sensitive to a lot of consumables and excess sunlight, but nothing a a modern civilization couldn't provide.

Space travel

In the current age, space travel has been made possible. However, the positions of the planets at each time of year define heavily when travelling can be done. Luceirians are sensitive to space travel and many deaths have occured when attempting longer periods of travel, but sometimes also shorter travels have caused deaths.

Currently, no Luceirian has stepped on the soil of Lunaria. The amount of deaths have slowed down the attempts and Luceirians have preferred to invest into proper investigation about Lunaria from distance first.

Just one megacity: Lumenen

The story revolves around Lumenen, a huge megacity in almost the center of map. Originally the residence of the Lyxine race - it's nature used to be rich, jungle-like and multicoloured, but now the city is looming over everything in layer-like strucktures. Lumenians still enjoy the nature and grow rich gardens in their roof-tops and plentiful plants in homes. Both pre-war and today, Lumenen is one of the most peaceful and open-minded cities. It's areas are ruled over by companies owning the various places playing together, they are proud of the advanced living conditions the city can offer.


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