Full name ➤

Maia Astrum

Species ➤


Race ➤


Gender ➤


Sexuality ➤


Age ➤


Height ➤

150cm / 4'11''

Body type ➤


Occupation ➤

Freelance cloth designer, part-time dance performer at Bub's club

Hobbies ➤

Drawing, Singing, Dancing, Socializing, Playing games.

Likes ➤

People, attention, crazyness, nature, funky music, glitch hop, electro swing, happiness.

Dislikes ➤

Being bored, reading, waiting, anger, negativeness.

Personality ➤

ENFP, Maia is a very strong extrovert and all her energy comes from having other people around her. She very easily sticks to people and it's often quite draining for others, she has tons of friends. Eventhough Maia is very social, she is also rather shy. It's hard for her to approach new people, so she often appears as clumsy, unsure or even stalkerish. Once she get's closer to people she's quite open for any type of discussion, tends to talk more than listen.

Maia loves all kinds of attention and things happening around, she follows her feelings and gets involved into all kinds of crazy adventures, this leads her to be rather unreliable because she might forget herself into new things. She's easy to tempt into doing stupid things, especially Sinni and Kathy knows of this. She's also very prone to sadness when left bored, something new must be constantly happening in her life to keep up the flow. She doesn't stand conflicts, people being angry make her lock up. She tries solving conflicts by just being nicer to people. She's quick to cheer up though.

Background ➤

Maia and her sister Mira were born in a smaller city, at teenage they moved away for studies over to Lumenen. Maia studied cloth design and arts and after finishing she became a freelance cloth designer, mainly designing and making clothes for the DJ's at Bub's Club. Later on she was also hired as a part time dance performer over there as she learned to dance. She lives a very carefree life, unknowing of the darker things that happen around. She often leaves her own clothes halfdone and wears the same things herself all the time, while dedicating her best work to her clients instead.


Character owner: Neo