Full name ➤

Teri Rose

Species ➤


Race ➤


Gender ➤


Sexuality ➤


Age ➤


Height ➤


Body type ➤


Occupation ➤

Student/Volunteer carer at Paper Heart rescue centre

Hobbies ➤

Origami/Papercraft, building little robots, looking at cute pictures of weevis with tophats online

Likes ➤

Trying new things, Wildlife, Her bed/sleeping, Hype, Gossip, Her floofy tail

Dislikes ➤

Studying, Heights, Neomai (weirdos), her clumsey tail

Personality ➤

Teri is a pretty outgoing young thing with a tendency to speak before she had a chance to think. This has in turn resulted in her sticking her foot well and truly in it on multiple occasions, although she never means to offend. She is always seeking for fun and exciting new things to try out and throws herself fully into whatever new passion she has managed to stumble across be it a new song to play on loop, a interesting new hobby to explore or a new relationship. Due to her high level of enthusiasm and over obsessing she can often burn herself out and become bored on things quickly causing her to go looking for something else new to reignite the spark of excitement.

When she isn't being hyper she is probably asleep and boy can she sleep. Possibly one of the heaviest sleepers every to have been born it's quite likely that she'd be able to sleep through the apocalypse. Of course the downside to this is that she is often late to events, her volunteer work and her lectures and university. Yes that is right, she goes to university. Despite seeming somewhat scatterbrained she has quite the technical mind as is busy starting an advanced course in robotics, a course that asked her to build one tiny robot insect as a project. She currently has 23 of them wandering around her student apartment.

Finally Teri has a wonderfully complex love/hate relationship with her tail. Although she adores it's floofiness and it's tremendous glow in low light situations she really doesn't appreciate that it seems to have a mind of it's own. A mind apparently set on destroying everything in it's path as she constantly finds herself knocking things over or smacking people in the face with it, all much to her forever growing embarrassment.

Background ➤

Teri grew up with a loving family that supported her natural inquisitve nature and encouraged her to, like them, be open to new things. Although normally a good thing to teach to youngsters growing up, it turned out that Teri also had a terribly short attention span. Her teachers were at a loss with her, when she was first introduced to a subject she would jump into it and excell very quickly but as soon as she lost interest her grades would plummet. That being said she still managed to get into university to study robotics, one of the few things she keeps going back to

When she got into university she also got a chance to go out alone and live a life outside of the watchful eye of her parents. Of course they were worried, with her easily distracted mind and sometimes questionable decision making they were worried she'd forget to eat, or bunker up with a serial murderer. So far however she seems to have managed. Currently she lives with two flatmates, brother and sister pair, Kitkat and Twix. She finds both of them a bit weird and she has this nagging feeling that they aren't telling her something but ultimately they've been very good to her and she loves rooming with her. Most notiable is their ability to not worry about the various things Teri breaks with her tail and they always seem to have a supply of cookies she can snack on


Character owner: Nuff