Full name ➤

Aura Ezra

Species ➤


Race ➤


Gender ➤


Sexuality ➤


Age ➤


Height ➤


Body type ➤


Occupation ➤

Sound & Light Technician/Producer/DJ at Bub’s Club

Hobbies ➤

Video Gaming

Likes ➤

Organisation, Science Fiction, Space and the Stars, Violent video games, Time sink video games, Wearing hoodies, Energy Drink & Snacks.

Dislikes ➤

Social situations, The ‘Girl Gamer’ Tag, Filthy Stinking Space Pirates, Spiders, being told she is cute (ohgawd so embarrassing!).

Personality ➤

Quiet and self contained, Aura is a girl who finds herself much more comfortable in the presence of those she knows and trusts. When confronted with the new and unknown she will often becoming incredibly shy and withdrawn wishing nothing more than for the entire experience to be over with. Softly spoken and kindly, she will never speak out of turn and tries desperately to avoid any kind of conflict.

Highly organised to an almost OCD level of perfectionism, she always tries to keep things on track and moving along the way they should be. Any change to her carefully laid out plans can quite easily cause her all kinds of anxiety. Despite all these shut in attributes, Aura changes completely when in cyber space, where she will quite happily yell all kinds of abuse down a microphone at game wreaking ‘noobs’ and become extremely irritable and arrogant.

Background ➤

Aura has always been surrounded by technology. Her father worked in the cybernetics architect, designing and improving upon current designs and often brought hope bits and pieces to work on in his spare time. His fascination with the advances of technology caused him to populate their home with all manner of gadgets and gizmos that the young Aura found captivating. Her mother meanwhile was a classically trained musician who would play her cello almost every night. It is unsurprising then, that Aura would go on to merge to two.

Aura began producing her own music in her early teens, exploring the genres through constant experimentation and releasing hundreds of tracks into cyber space for anyone who took a fancy to listen to. Eventually she settled upon her niche and worked tirelessly to hone her skills. She was discovered by Sinni, who heard one of her tracks and invited her to perform as a warm up at Bub’s Club. Since then she’s never looked back.

With her organisation skills and superb technical knowledge, Aura was given the job of maintaining the clubs equipment, organising events and setting up the light shows for performances. Despite all these responsibilities she still has time to spare for gaming, producing and even performances of her own.


Character owner: Nuff