Full name ➤

Kyra Sarum

Species ➤


Race ➤


Gender ➤


Sexuality ➤


Age ➤


Height ➤

150cm / 4'11'

Body type ➤

Petite / Tomboyish

Occupation ➤

Ice cream vendor / Quantum Computing student

Hobbies ➤

Hacking, gaming, research

Likes ➤

Anything accesible via computers, studying, screwing over the big guy, the weather, protecting others, warm clothes

Dislikes ➤

Baseless Aggresion, People with destructive tendencies, the stupid, the ignorant

Personality ➤

Kyra tends to be very protective of people and things she deeply cares about, she tends to get a little bit irritable if disturbed when shes deeply focused on something. She prefers life when everything goes to plan, but she can never deny the little adrenaline rush when something unexpected happens, she sees it as something to be researched and investigated, as is the quantum world.

Background ➤

Kyras parents never ascended past the level of menial workers in their various industries, so growing up was not easy for Kyra. She spent her entire youth studying to break the endless cycle of near-poverty her family had suffered from, she shuned social interactions through her school to assist in this, and so was typically seen as an outsider. Her parents were so happy to watch her develop, they decided to do everything they could to help her achieve her dreams, and so they saved every year to help fund her university fees for when she left college, so she could avoid the life they had endured.

All was not to remain happy though, a high level corporate merger ruined her fathers buisness, and he was laid off to save money. Kyras university dream was in tatters as her family had to use the university fund to buy basic neccesities whilst her father was out of work. But thanks to her impeccable school record she managed to find a government funded scholarship, but even this was not set to last, as Kyras defensive nature kicked into overdrive. She broke into the secure servers of the corporation who nearly ruined her life, destroying key records and data everywhere in a fit of rage, ruining their share prices and making sure the company felt what her family did. She nearly got away with the rampage too, not enough evidence could be found to press legal charges agianst her, but the copration had enough left to work out who she was... They pulled a few strings here and there and her scholarship fund was pulled within the week.

Kyra couldnt believe what she had done to herself this time, her rage had ruined what tattered remains of her life were left and she was destroyed by the entire experience. She desperately hunted for a part time job to help pay her fees, but the web of the corporation was wide indeed... Everywhere seemed to have a "bad past" on record for her, and she was completely unhirable. Just as she was on her final shreds of cash, on the verge of taking of e-crime to pay her way through university, her final interview was at a quaint little ice cream shop, run by Vanilla. Kyra almost broke into tears throughout the interview as she explained her situation, she was reassured that the corporations could never touch her here, and she finally found what she needed. Despite being lactose intolerant. She also met the love of her life Aura whilst working for Vanilla, and the two quickly became enamoured with each other despite Auras apparent shyness, neither of them could really see vanilla pulling the strings of their hearts behind the scenes. She spends her time researching Quantum computing, and despite still technically being a student she regularly participates on high level University research teams, on the cutting edge of science.


Character owner: Iggy