Full name ➤

Mia Gray-Coldfield

Species ➤


Race ➤


Gender ➤


Sexuality ➤


Age ➤


Height ➤


Body type ➤


Occupation ➤

Festival Organiser/Industrial Metal Musician

Hobbies ➤

Making music, Sailing, Swimming

Likes ➤

The Ocean, Energy, Light

Dislikes ➤

Corporations, Small Spaces, Laziness

Personality ➤

Charismatic, Ambitious, Energetic, Spontaneous, Passionate

Background ➤

Raised in an educated, influential and quite frankly, upper class family, Mia's childhood was saturated with high class balls and meetings, steeped in hundreds of years of tradition and etiquette. From the first dip into her teens, she knew this was not what she wanted in life, to live off of her parents inherited money, and continue in the endless high class jostle for social prowess to her deathbed. She decided to make her own way in life, and begun to experiment with music, particularly in genres she found to be as far away from 'classical' as she possible could, and wandering off into the dark alleys of industrial metal and electronic music. On one of her families regular yachting holidays at the age of 15, she found herself unable to sleep, and so headed up onto the deck, sitting on the deck with her feet over the edge, a sudden wave sent her tumbling overboard, striking her head on the railings as she fell. When she awoke from her stun a few seconds later, the boat was already pulling away, left out at sea with her own parents drifting away, crying would do her no good, She peered out into the gloom and saw a distant flash of light on the horizon. Seeing her chance she began the arduous swim, a swim which would take her a journey of over 6 kilometres, in bone-chillingly cold water at night, she mustered all she had within her, and finally pulled herself ashore, battered and tired in the early hours of the morning. A single lighthouse sat on a rocky outcrop a few hundred metres up the beach, abandoned, and ruined. Nobody really knows what happened that day, whether the light from the moon reflected off the dusty lamp, or whether her dazed mind invented something in that spot by sheer coincidence, but some things are for certain, the lighthouse was never on, and the sea itself carried the young Mia to safety.

After her ordeal she knew she must acquire the lighthouse, and with her parents vast wealth, it was simply a matter of 'persuasion'. Over the next few years she set about planning a festival to rival all others, spending thousands rebuilding the lighthouse to far beyond its past glory. Music came to her as a hobby, her mind would not let her fail in the creation of the festival, and so nothing came in its way, the music she loved so dear took a back seat as relaxation material as she worked herself to the bone. The festival, to be named "Beacon" finally took shape and year after year it amassed larger and larger crowds, the novelty stage being set in front of Mia's lighthouse, equipped with floor after floor of gargantuan amplifiers and speakers, a monumental light array replaced the worn out lamp, equipped with lasers of near military classification and spotlights capable of turning night into day. With her festival running she was finally self-reliant, she gained more and more free time as the festival arrangements became permanent and practically booked itself, and was finally free to focus on her music. The lighthouse venue of Beacon also saw less than official activity, as Mia found herself sidelined into converting the warrens of tunnels beneath the lighthouse as a safe haven for the resistance.

But a truely ambitious person can only relax for so long, and Mia was quick to be consumed by a new passion,yet more fierce than her drive to retrofit her first venue, and to finally find a worth investment for the money that rolled in. A battered old ship found itself tugged into the harbor, a truely magnificent carrier nearly 300 Metres in length, the rusted hulk being slowly towed towards the scrapyards to be torn down to nothing more than waste steel. Mia saw a new purpose for the vessel, and witha few cheques placed in the right hands, it looks like one day it may sail again...


Character owner: Iggy