Full name ➤

Shea Deltascire

Species ➤


Race ➤


Gender ➤


Age ➤

20 (comic) / 28 (artwork)

Height ➤


Body type ➤


Occupation ➤

Studies Psychology, Entrepreneur.

Hobbies ➤

Acrobatics, follows art.

Likes ➤

Psychology, honesty, industrial music.

Dislikes ➤

Dishonesty, lies, gossip, pretenders.

Personality ➤

ENTJ. Shea is a very tough and complex personality, she is often seen very distant and pessimistic eventhough it's not true. She generally shuts away her feelings and seeks for logical and possible solutions for things.

She studies psychology to understand why people seem to have inheritly evil desires and to assist her on the mission of subtilely trying to change important people into better. She enjoys working and is very dedicated to it, success drives her to do even greater. Shea is very deeply caring and protective of her closest friends and is easy to heat up if someone has negative intentions towards them.

Background ➤

Young Shea had major conflics with her family and past friends which drove her to eventually meet Harlocke, who heleped her to move living on her own and start her own business to finance studies.


Character owner: Neo