Full name ➤

Routa Everest

Species ➤


Race ➤


Gender ➤


Sexuality ➤


Age ➤


Height ➤


Body type ➤

Muscular and broadshouldered

Occupation ➤


Hobbies ➤

Gambling, brawling, karaoke

Likes ➤

Furtoos, headstrong women, inappropriate jokes, walks around the city, strong beverages, singing,

Dislikes ➤

Noisy and disruptive drunks, self-centered people, snobs, studying theoretical subjects, critizism towards his drinks, talking about his past,

Personality ➤

Jovial and loud, Routa is the master of socializing. Thanks to his infectious, rolling laugh and the ability to keep up conversations effortlessly for long times about various subjects have made him one of the more approachable members of the club's staff. Even though not the sharpest tool in the kit Routa isn't stupid, but instead prefers practicality over theory and thus often opting to learn things through doing rather than reading. He has a temper which easily flares when stoked, especially if drunk, which causes fights and conflicts to erupt during Routa's free time. All-in-all he is a rowdy, jolly fellow with a sense of duty and morality. This closet-like giant is always up for a dirty joke or some chit chat and can usually read what the customer wants with a single look to their face and few moments of small talk. He can be seen most of the time in his lifelong battle to prevent Sinni from raiding the booze cabinet.

Background ➤

A frostborn with hints of felipard blood, Routa's past however is much darker than his pleasant exterior might suggest. He was born into the slums of southern Luciery and got first seat taste of what it is like to have no money or income whatsoever. His father had been sacked for severely injuring his leg beyond repair and his mother did all kinds of oddjobs here and there to feed his husband and son. It was needless to say that their family life was far from peachy with many violent fights between his parents, which ended up in Routa running away from home when he was around 12 and never returning there. Instead he started floating behind various street gangs and managed to keep himself fed through small time thieving, shop-lifting and scavenging.

This lawless lifestyle continued for three years or so, as did Routa's exceptional growth ushered by his frostborn blood. He was soon taller than most of the people he hung around with and the word of him was starting to spread. Some of his peers encourage him to join the street fighting scene of the area, but Routa declined and opted for a more peaceful job as a bouncer at a tiny bar.

The job was rather shitty and pay was just barely able to keep him alive, but during his work days Routa befriended the elderly bartender of the place and thus got interested in drink mixing. Their friendship came to a sudden stop when the bartender died due to a terminal disease and Routa was once again forced out to the streets as the bar was sold onwards and he lost his job.

However, still holding his passion for bartending, he instead applied for a bartender school and was able squeeze his way through the entrance exams, but was stopped by the tuition fees required. Around this time, Routa met up with one of his older friends who again recommended the giant for the street brawling league.

Desperate and at his wits end for quick cash, he accepted the offer and started spending his evenings beating the living crap out of other brawlers in the seedy pubs and clubs of the slums. He soon earned quite a reputation thanks to his athletic ability and stature, and was quickly able to amass great amounts of money to fund his studies.

For a few years, everything went rather swimmingly; He studied during the day and brawled during the night, raking up wins one after another, soon moving to more riskier brawl circuits where improvised weapons like chairs, broken bottles and such were allowed. After losing his eye in one such battle, he promised himself he would retire from brawling once his studies were finished.

Suddenly everything took a turn for the worse, as he ended up in bad relations with some other students at school and various confrontations lead into a fight between them and Routa. Obviously, it was the frostborn who walked out of the battle in one piece, body covered in bruises and fists wet with blood. He was then arrested for assaulting and hospitalizing several people, one of which he later learned was a son of some high-ranking corporate bigshot. During the last months of his education, he was expelled from the school and sentenced for 20 years in prison.

The time in prison is something that Routa keeps very quiet about. Asking about it causes his pleasant and rowdy interior melt away, replacing it with grim and cold mask. "There are places you don't want to end up in..." he just remarks before changing the subject. After serving his time, he once again got up onto streets and got a job at a small bar at the edge of the slums, until Bub stumbled upon him and offered him the position of bartender in his club. Even though he has calmed down considerably, he still likes to stroll around the streets of the city aimlessly after shift and returning home covered in bruises. Some habits die hard.


Character owner: Oscar