Full name ➤


Species ➤


Race ➤


Gender ➤


Sexuality ➤


Age ➤


Height ➤

5'3" (160cm)

Body type ➤


Occupation ➤

Bouncer at Bubs Club

Hobbies ➤

Fight Club, tinkering with his motorcycle.

Likes ➤

fighting, hitting on ladies, Sinni's boobs, boobs in general, being a badass mofo, motorcycles,

Dislikes ➤

Being reminded of his height, losing, being made to look dumb, vegitarians

Personality ➤

Flint is known for being a little abrasive. He'll say whatever he thinks no matter how offensive it may be and has a tendency to be rather crude when the opportunity arises. He has a few issues concerning his height and constantly feels he has to prove himself to be an alpha male by asserting his dominance with violence, which is where his love for fighting was born. He likes to portray himself as someone with a lot of self confidence and hides his insecurities (with the exception of his height) very well, he often uses this confidence to hit on any pretty girl who comes into the club with mixed success. He also has a thing for Sinni, who notably doesn't feel remotely the same way about him.

Background ➤

Flint doesn't really talk much about where he came from as he doesn't see it as important. What is known is that his family was decently well off and he was set to into his families business but instead decided to go his own way, a decision that didn't put him in the best place with his family. He spent most of his young adult life switching between different jobs, taking whatever he could to make enough money to pay rent for his tiny apartment. The entire time he was busy following his true passion, fighting. He was approached after a particularly brutal bar fight and invited to a fight club, which he thought was pretty strange seeing as how he had convincingly had the crap kicked out of him by three other guys. Regardless he decided to go along and found a home away from home, where he could prove himself and in the process make a little money on the side. His recruitment as bouncer for Bubs club came a few years later when he 'helped' Wyatt deal with a few unruly party goers. Upon seeing him in action Bub hired him, despite Wyatt saying he thought it was a bad idea. He has proven himself however to be quite the asset to the club, even if he can get a little too enthusiastic at times.


Character owner: Nuff, Neo