Full name ➤

Aria, Ania, Avia

Species ➤


Race ➤


Gender ➤


Sexuality ➤


Age ➤


Height ➤


Body type ➤


Occupation ➤


Hobbies ➤

Hiking, Confusing people, Cooking

Likes ➤

Their job, helping others out, company, anything energetic and fun, Occasional lazy days

Dislikes ➤

Being apart, general arsewholery, pressure

Personality ➤

Despite inheriting the looks of their parents, the trio did nothing but affect an entirely opposite personality. Bubbling over with energy at nearly all times, you can always expect to see them hopping over to help someone in need, be they friend or foe. When together they’re confident and giggling, finding a ray of humour in just about any situation, which can get VERY irritating to a good few people around the city, but few find it in their hearts to stay mad at them for long. Their mouths are very rarely shut as they chat their days away, always eager to hear new stories and tales as they soak up information from those around them, always happy to see and hear others. They have a lot of love to give between them (in both senses of the word) and actively seek out partners willing to engage the three together, as they see themselves as one single person. When separated by any means, they tend to turn quite rapidly, falling dark and silent and resorting to much more primitive and instinctive measures, willing to do anything to be close once more.

Background ➤

Aria, Ania, Avia (or just “the triplets” for short) were orphaned at birth, and to this day have never met their parents or found their old pack. Their mother abandoned them to the state orphanage system after having had a relationship outside of her pack, ashamed to bring a trio of illegitimate children to their family left them to suffer the world with only each other. The 3 of them turned out to have been gifted in a very unusual way, in that, no matter how far apart they were, they would always be together in mind. Together they form one person in personality and knowledge, although their physical selves and bodily functions remain inherently separate, they can draw upon anything as if it was within their own mind, as their own experience. Unwilling to really talk about what they shared as a bond, the orphanage service repeatedly tried to split them apart, and foster them off separately to no success as the 3 responded against any attempts to split them up with impossible levels of resolve. They were surely damned to grow up to adulthood in the system, and that suited them just fine.

At high school, the three all took separate subjects as they continued to learn how to explore the benefits their gift could bring them, although not particularly bright their 3 brains gave them great potential to pick up new things very quickly, giving them a wide but shallow sea of knowledge to draw upon. They also seemed to have an instinctive response to problem solving and detective work, able to figure out events with great speed, and as such adopted a “live by the moment” lifestyle, where their intuition and instinct proved valuable tools. After leaving school, they spent a while bouncing between separate jobs, but differing schedules and locations prove torturous to them, as even being a few hundred meters apart tore at them emotionally. They figured out an easier way to make their way in life… They entered a gameshow, and with Avia contesting, and her two sisters sat with laptops at a nearby hotel, they were able to blitz their way to the top prize of a notoriously difficult quiz, banking themselves a considerable amount of money.

The money didn’t sit in their account for long. After purchasing a nice apartment and enjoying a night or two of the high life as they drunkenly discussed how rich they could be, the guilt and turmoil slowly built up. It was not in their nature to do things like this, and although it was the perfect untraceable crime, they could never live with it. The rest of the money found its way into a charity helping orphaned children and those from unstable homes, as the Trio went one more into the honest job market. They eventually wound up at an interview which they were strangely asked to apply together for, and after ogling them for a short while, Bub told them they had the job. They became waitresses for his club, and using their gift they became a stunningly efficient team, with one taking orders whilst the other two ferried drinks from the bar, as patrons saw deja’vu and drunks began seeing triple. They formed a strong bond with Routa after working closely with him, and he is the closest thing they have had since to family outside the three of them. They now search for a little more in their life… someone brave (or foolish) enough to handle all three of them in the bedroom, but until that person makes themselves known, they are content to enjoy life and just be happy together.

The three rarely get more pleasure from anything else than they do when helping others out wherever possible, be that changing a light-bulb, helping people move, or just being there to lend a helping pair (Or three) of hands. When not working they tend to enjoy long walks outdoors, sometime staying out for entire weekends and camping in the forests (and leaving the club to fall into chaos and madness without their efficiency on hand). They are also a dab hand in the kitchen, enjoying the art of cooking and loving to experiment with new recipes and flavours, if ever food is required for a special occasion at the club they are more than happy to lend their services. If all other options are exerted, and their bubbling energy finally runs dry, expect to find them sprawled out over their apartment, napping on couches, tables, floors or even just collapsed in one big heap watching tv on one of their infamous lazy days.


Character owner: Iggy