Full name ➤

Angelica Diamante

Species ➤


Race ➤


Gender ➤


Sexuality ➤


Age ➤


Height ➤


Body type ➤


Occupation ➤

Singer-Songwriter/Record Producer

Hobbies ➤

Poetry, Fashion Designing.

Likes ➤

Fine arts, classical music, her fans, elaborate stage design/clothes and effects, being the best, working.

Dislikes ➤

Being told she cannot do something, Rain, the idea of friendship.

Personality ➤

Driven is the word to best describe Angelica. Very little can stand in her way when she sets her mind on something and she doesn't care who she has to step on to get what she wants. Although she can put on a great front and easily appear to be the friendliest of creatures. However those that have gotten closer to her have often described her as cold and frequently distant with very little in the way of emotional attachments.

Often mistaken for just a pretty face, Angelica it capable of being extremely devious when she needs to be and has proven to be hard to match when it comes to mind games. She is perfectly happy with people thinking she is less intelligent than she is, in fact she barely cares what anyone thinks of her on a personal level. All she cares is that her fans love her and that her brand continues to grow. No matter how she may act one personal level, she truly is very good to her fans which remains the primary reason she has gotten so popular so quickly.

Background ➤

Angelica grew up in a wealthy family, her father a businessman of great repute and her mother one of the beauties of her time. She couldn't have asked for a better start in life.Despite this all she ever dreamed of from a very young age was stardom and all the glitz and glamour that comes along with it. Nothing would stand in the way of her getting what she wanted, and this philosophy is something she carried into all aspects of her life.With her dreams in mind she went to the prestigious ELO school of performing arts where she trained for 2 years, honing her already exceptional vocal talents and domineering presence in front of an audience to near perfection. She was held in very high regard by the staff as one of the best to ever come through the school but her fairytale was soon to be over.

She was never able to complete her training as tragedy stuck her family with the sudden loss of her father. To make matters worse in light of his death a media frenzy erupted as years of dodgy deals and deep set corruption were exposed to the world and his gambling addiction left his company and family with repayments they simply could not make.This proved to be something of a rebirth for Angelica. She could no longer rely on the money and the best schools to propel her into the limelight. She had to restart from the bottom and work her way up and this is precisely what she did, and the first step was renaming herself 'Angel'.

She became part of the underground, lending her voice to many tracks by barely known artists until one fateful day she got her big break and has never looked back since.Swiftly growing in popularity Angel became one of the premium stars in the music world. Now she dominates the charts with every release, has sell out tours (in which she is famous for sporting giant mechanical wings) and manages her very own record label. Still it isn't enough. It will never be enough.


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