Full name ➤

Theo the Dragon

Species ➤

Lucery Dragon "Scalied"

Race ➤

Common Dragon

Gender ➤


Sexuality ➤


Age ➤


Height ➤

165cm / 5'4''

Body type ➤

Lightly toned, somewhat androgyne.

Occupation ➤


Hobbies ➤

Explores nature and it's phonomenons. Writes, photographs and draws books about them.

Likes ➤

Nature, lesser living beings, harmony, peace, alonetime.

Dislikes ➤

Too much sosializing, unnessecary conflict, drama, crowds, violance.

Personality ➤

INTP, introverted, thoughtful and full of ideas and energy to explore.

Theo is friendly and enjoys company, as long as not pushed and pestered too close and too much. Usually upbeat and happy, sometimes thoughtful but that doesn't mean sad. Theo can be shy around those who are too kind and be very silent sometimes. He doesn't like to upset or harm others in any cases, but if the time requires it blue fire can be breath.

Background ➤

Theo is a character who appears in many Luceirian stories where nature is explained to childen or older folks. He's one of the main characters that is appriciated in the "scalefandom" (Luceirian version of furfandom). He's an anthropomorpic form of the common luceiry dragon.


Character owner: Neo