Neomai are feline-like, they have carcal-like ears without the tufts and two long cat tails. Their pattern is very specific: Their fur only has black and white, no grays, their pattern is completely symmertrical and inverted in colours in each of their limbs, ears and tails, the middle body and face sometimes have a few unsymmetrical patterns on them. Neomai hair colour depends on what their life situation is, and changes when the neomau does. Examples: Red, strong and down to earth; Orange, creative and productive; Yellow, Joy and energetic; Green, loving and relaxed; Cyan, social and outgoing; Ultramarine, deep and focused; Purple, spiritual and mentally stable; Magenta, moody and anxious... If a neomau becomes depressed their hair falls off. They cannot have white, black or gray hair, unless dyed.

In the society, neomai are seen as rather abominatious due to their crazy colours.


Neomai are not known to have a common personality, or it is hard to tell due to most of them living under heavy racism and not being able to become a normal part of the society. A common rumour tells that many neomai are theifs or rapists and trick others, obviously this is very rare however.

All neomai have a similar talent: they perform things in a beat, and the faster the beat is, the quicker their actions become. They often become really good with things to do with music.


The neomau gene is extreme, an offspring of a neomau and another race will always come out as another neomau and take all the neomau traits, their pattern shapes may take some elements from the other races.

Neomau are always extremely allergic to certain things, such as a small amount of alcohol is a nearly instant death to them.

Characters with neomai genes

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