Lupaine are a canine-like race, a wolf or dog like muzzle (but a smaller nose), small perky or floppy ears and a medium length bushy tail. Their fur patterns are usually quite desaturated and there are commonly only 2 majour fur colours on their bodies. A lot of people with a strong Lupaine gene who have a simpler fur pattern are commonly seen taking furtoos to make their pattern 'more interesting'. Their bodytype is about average, they tend to come out quite durable and strong, Lupaine rarely come out as very tall or very short.


Lupaine come with good fellowship skills, can easily make compromises and like to work as a team, they are good at following orders and keep to a plan. They usually do not like changes of plans and rather keep to a schedule. For some reason Lupaine tend to either come out at extremely temperamental or have an amazing self control. They are prone to depression if their social life is lacking.


Lupaine gene is of average strength, it easily takes elements from other races.

Characters with lupaine genes

As primary race

As secondary race



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