Lapidins are a very short and tiny race (140-155cm), they have short fur apart from their tail tip. They have bunny-like ears that vary in lenght, sometimes being just simple round aswell. Their tail is long and otter-like with a tuft of fur in the tip like lions. Lapidins are extremely sensetive for cold and quite easily catch illnesses aswell, since the race originally live at deserts. Their fur colours are generally very light, desert-like colours. They sometimes have light spots or gradients.


Lapidins like to be safe, they do not like putting themselves in danger and they naturally like places where they can hide. They are very intelligent and easily understand how technology works. They like to work in groups but do not usually like masses of people.


Lapidin gene isn't very strong, but if the gene is strong the induvidual is rather short and often sensetive for cold, the personality follows quite easily aswell.

Characters with lapidin genes

As primary race

As secondary race



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Lapidin originate from the desert, where they lived in small communities forming smaller groups that could be defined families. They would not be hostile towards other Lapidin communities, nor other more developed races. Lapidin did not understand the concept of being violent. Lapidin homes and communities were often formed underground, they prefered hiding and their physique is developed for escaping rather than attacking.

Lapidin did not have the common concept of family, when a kid was born they were given to the care of someone who was capable and had the time for it to ensure the child was raised in a good enviorment. They would occasionally form closer relationships inside the group they lived in, containing 2-5 people. There was no line drawn between a friend and a lover, only rule was to not have sexual activities with someone genetically too close as it would bring ill children.

A child lapidin was given a name often containing a hidden wish, twisting words. For example Swif, from the word swift. A surname as we know it would not come from the parent however, it would be later assigned to a person depending on the group where the induvidual belonged.

Lapidin, much like the races were omnivoreus, they ate small animals and several plants found in the deserts. They really early on learned how to produce food without travelling around. Lapidin were the first race to develop technology, it begin from them creating detectors for hostiles and creating light underground. Their first more modern tech used the energy from the sun.