Frostborn are a very big race, they are tall (190-220cm), strong and have long fur. They have small round ears and a stubby but long furred tail, their muzzle is lion/bear like and their cheeks and chin area tend to grow very long fur. Frostborns are commonly darker and natural toned and they tend to have a single colour fur pattern.


They tend to be stubborn, self-confident but not always quite so smart. Most frostborn enjoy a very minimalistic life without many changes or hard puzzles, they often enjoy physical activities.


The frostborn gene is rather rare, they more commonly are found from the northern areas still today. The gene often transfers the height and fluffyness, often also dark fur pattern.

Characters with frostborn genes

As primary race

As secondary race



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Frostborn, as their name suggests, originate from the north. They are very cold resistant and strong to live in harsh wintery enviorments. Frostborn were, and still most are, very strictly family oriented. Only trustworthy person is a relative, other than in the exception of finding a lover. Parents of a young frostborn would often assist in finding a partner for their child, as failing to find a lover was seen as a big failure in life for them. A couple was expected to form a new family and assist their relatives. Different families would often fight with eachother for various things, most the times it was even coinsidered amusement.

A young frostborn was most often given a descriptive name, that could be realated to their birth or what their parents assumed of their future. For example 'Hammer'. Later on they could also gain nicknames that was added into their name, chosen by people around the induvidual, normally describing them more. Surname would come from either parent's name, for example: 'Stormson'.

Despite being omnivoreus frostborn primarly ate meat, they hunted big animals with bows, or fished. They would eat plants mostly just on summertime.
Frostborn build small houses and camping areas, they would circle around several areas over the year to ensure enough huntable food was available. They would stay still and return to their primary house on summer. Other than developing simple bows and hammers, frostborn did not have very advanced tools, they would rely a lot on their own physical power, it was coinsidered weak to use a weapon in any other situation than hunting.