Cetis are an intelligent species, the people of Lunaria. There are 3 types of cetis: Land, water and snow. Describing the enviourments they live at. And in total there are 9 different races, which mostly differ by just colour.

But eventhough the cetis are highly intelligent, they live a very primitive life. Cetis have a high connection to the planet spirit and for this reason they have not developed their life style much, they feel comfortable the way they are and it helps sustaining the connection to the planet spirit. The land ceti live in trees that are carved into homes, often also carved into looking decorated. The water ceti live mostly underwater, their homes are often located in underwater caves or other areas under the water that contain air, sometimes also in the shore. Snow cetis live their summers in caves, or dug holes, sometimes trees, and in the winter they often build extra living space from the snow.

Each race of the cetis have their own societies in different areas of the planet. They have a leader group and lots of smaller groups that do different jobs for their society. The males are often the food gatherers and the female keep the houses in shape, the suitability for these jobs can be seen in their physique: The males have stronger legs for running and travelling, and the females have larger hands and claws for carving and handling wood.


The tail of the cetis is not only important for balance, but is also their genitalia. The tail works much like the flower for the felis, but the only difference is that the males tail is only capable of creating pollen, and the females will only grow the seeds (which are a lot more like eggs for cetis). Breeding is done by curling the tails together, or slamming them to eachother, for some races also done by dancing rituals.

Mating for the cetis is not like sex, it can only happen at a certain time of the year (spring), and is not coinsidered something that happens between partners, instead the cetis find a new mate/s each year. Mating is never done for enjoyment, nor does it cause any special emotions alone.

Later in the early summer the females lay their eggseeds togehther into a sacred room where they are taken care of. They will hatch in the late summer and will be picked up by adults as they hatch.


A young ceti will be crafted clothing from various leaves, for protection, warmth and occasioanlly also to look nice. Later on each ceti must grow their hair long enough to be capable of crafting proper clothing form it for themselves. A ceti is coinsidered an adult when they have succeeded this. The ceti hair is a material stronger than silk, when crafted into a fabric it becomes strong enough to protect hits from claws.

When aging, the cetis start developing small horns over their body (often in the ears, cheeks, sholders, back...), the horns are created by a gathering of fur. The fur on cetis is not like the fur that Luceirians have, instead it's much harder and grows in scale-like tufts. The skin of the cetis is biolumicent, you will see changing stripe patterns on the body of the ceti, depending on the way the fur is brushed.

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