Blacktail Foxes


Blacktail foxes are a fox-like race, however they have a very specific fur pattern and a much bigger tail. They can be easily recognized with a 3 colour fur pattern (dark, main and light colour), they have fingerless glove and sock patterns, completely dark coloured tail with a light tip, and the light pattern is split into two majour areas in their middle body (usually there is no light colour in the neck, sometimes the split is at stomack). Their bodybuild is usually average and they have slightly better resistance to illnesses than any other race. Occasionally for unknown reasons some blacktail foxes have a symbolical pattern on their back starting from the tail colour, it's often said to picture their abilities.


Blacktail fox genes usually gift the individual with good people skills, they are amazing at talking, very attractive personalities that are fun to be around with, rarely extremely temperamental and good at handling stress.


The phyical appearance gene is very strong, meaning that the furpattern (especially on limbs) often follows offsprings for generations, the personality gene in the other hand is not as strong.

Characters with blacktail fox genes

As primary race

As secondary race



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